It’s Tricky!

Tricks are just behaviors and all behaviors are tricks! Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures and training something new, challenges their mind, like a brisk walk or playing fetch challenges their body. Training tricks not only enhances skills, but also teaches focus and establishes a pattern of learning for your dog. We will develop basic tricks and expand according to your team’s level. Trick training can be done in as little as 5-10 minutes at a time, twice a day to be successful!

What is this class?  Trick training for those who want to just have fun or work towards a trick title
Who is it for?  Dogs & handlers of any age
What do I need?  Proof of current vaccinations including distemper combo & rabies.
How long does it run?  4 weeks – 50-minute classes.
​Cost?  $85
How do I sign up?  Visit our scheduling site at under the “Enrichment, Tricks & More” tab you will find the “It’s Tricky” course listed

Upcoming Classes:

Scent Games – Thursdays – 9/19-10/10 @7:00pm
Try it All! – Wednesdays – 9/18-10/9 @ 12:00pm
Try it All! – Wednesdays – 11/1-11/22 @ 6:15pm