From obedience games to tricks and obstacle courses, dogs and young handlers will have a blast learning new skills, building confidence and communication! Our camp was built to encourage creativity, problem solving & teamwork through group projects and obedience games!

Each handler team will build new skills or enhance behaviors they may already know for the Pet Olympic games, learn fun & easy tricks with their dog, meet with guest speakers about animal-related professions and have the opportunity to train a new specie! During downtime while the dogs rest each day, participants will have the chance to hand make toys for their dog and also take home a hand painted portrait of their pet made special by them!

A safe, active, and enriched experience is our focus for camp

During obedience games, tricks and obstacle courses, dogs will be backed up by a tether or rest in a crate to ensure dogs don’t get loose. Dogs attending must be comfortable resting in a crate during breaks and friendly with unfamiliar people, kids, and other dogs. During active sports, each child will have an adult assisting them.

Where and When

Camp Dates: July 15th-July 18th
Monday – Thursday, 9:30am -12:30pm. Please bring a small snack.

Cost of Camp (Per Child):

*Camp – OWNER DOG – This registration is for handlers bringing their own dog to camp – $229
*Camp – BORROWED DOG This registration is for those looking to borrow a Coaches Canine for the duration of the camp – $269

* After registering and making payment, you will receive an email to set up a day & time for your child & dog’s mandatory interview before the camp start date*

Mandatory Interviews for all campers!

Parents must set up an interview with Camp Coaches to meet & greet with child’s guardian, children & dogs once registered. The purpose of this interview is to:

• Assess the dog’s temperament in a group
• Assess the dog’s physical ability to participate in the activities
• Discuss safe handling techniques and dog body language
• Discuss equipment needed for dogs

If your personal dog is possibly not physically or socially suited for camp, we can provide a dog for your camper to train (Limited availability) We will notify you of interview times and dates after application and deposits are received. Interviews will take approximately 15 min. Dogs must be 6 months or older at the start of camp to participate. Summer camps fill up quickly, so register your camper as soon as possible!

*This summer camp is not recommended for children with allergies to animals*