Day 1
Advanced Platforms – Platforms are fantastic tools to train a variety of behaviors & great problem solving tools. Learn how to use platforms effectively so they become a powerful training tool you won’t want to be without! This topic will include foundations for platforms to advanced platforms as well.
* Effective Reward Handling –  Does your dog work just fine for you when you have food or toys, but quit’s when you don’t? Food & toy rewards are only effective in developing competitive performance routines when handled in specific ways during your training sessions. Learn how to avid developing a dog that requires the presence of reward to reliably respond.
Day 2
* When Training Goes Wrong –  So many people focus on how to train the dog and never prepare themselves for how to react when things go wrong. A handler’s reaction (no matter how subtle) to their dog’s poor response has a huge effect on the dog and their progressive behavior. Learn how to prepare yourself for the inevitable lows in dog training in order to react & respond in a way that is constructive to the dogs development.
Individual Problem Solving – Each working spot will have the opportunity to work one on one with Michele on a problem they have yet to solve while training with their dog. (Individuals are advised to have concept ready to work on since there will be designated time per individual) One working individual will train at a time, & allow auditors & other working spots the opportunity to learn the creative techniques for each problem session.