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Pet Digital Dental Radiology

At Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, we provide the best pet digital dental radiology services for your pet.

Pet Digital Dental Radiology

Pet Digital Dental Radiology

A tooth is like an iceberg; just a third of it is visible. But the root and bone of the tooth, which are unseen, are frequently where the disease first appears. Dental X-rays can be beneficial in this situation.

At Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, we provide digital dental X-rays. Our Progeny X-ray system offers the best possible digital images. For complex instances, we can submit photos online to board-certified dentists who can read the radiographs and provide us with prompt guidance.

Take note of the image’s fine details. The tooth structures are all presented in excellent detail.

What's under the gum line is important.

Your tooth’s root is the area of the tooth that is located below the gum line. Even though the root is hidden, it makes up two-thirds of the total mass of your teeth. The root’s major purpose is to act as a “root,” holding your teeth in place; thus, its name is fitting.