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Pet In-Home Euthanasia

At Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, we provide the best pet in-home euthanasia services for your pet.

There is no place like home, especially when it comes to comfort and peace. At Cloverleaf Animal Hospital, we believe pet owners should have the option to spend those final moments in the comfort of home, with family by their side, and where everything is familiar to the beloved 4-legged friend.

Pet In-Home Euthanasia

What To Expect

Our veterinarian team will come to your home and greet you and your pet to help bring your pet safe and low-stress euthanasia.

We will review any paperwork and spend some time answering any questions you may have. Note that all your paperwork can be filled out ahead of time here.

When you are ready, we will place an IV catheter in your pet’s leg to ensure we have direct access to their vein. During this IV placement, we ask that you step out of the room until it is completed. Afterward, we will have you return by your pet’s side, and we will begin the process of administering the medications to complete the humane euthanasia.

We are a judgment-free practice. At times, pet owners find this process to be a lot to bear. If you choose not to be present, our team will provide love and support to your pet and can inform you once we are done so that you can say your final goodbyes.

Why Pet Euthanasia At Home?

The vet’s office is associated with unfamiliar smells, people, and white coats. Even though pets do not understand or anticipate death, they do anticipate discomfort.

At home, your pet feels the most comfortable. They can lay in their favorite spot in your living room or on the patio in the sun. You can also take your time with them and do not need to drive home after.

Death is a major life transition, and having the ability for that transition to happen at home allows you to focus on your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kids allowed to be present?

Absolutely! We allow any friends/family to be present. It is all up to your comfort level.

Can our other dogs be present?

Yes. Many times other pets can sense that something is happening and can also be present to say their final goodbyes.

How should I prepare?

Decide where you would like your pet to be or to lie during the process. Feed them their favorite treats! Spend time with them!

What should I expect to happen as my pet goes?

Our process is very quick and peaceful for your pet. The medications we administer will cause their heart to stop, and breathing typically follows right after. Sometimes, even once the pet’s heart has stopped, they may take a few last breaths as their body is shutting down and letting go. These are called agonal breaths. Also, it is important to note that the pet’s eyes do not close once they have passed. It is also common once they have passed and their body is relaxing that, they may pass urine or stool.

What happens after?

Aftercare depends on your preference for your pet. If you choose to bury your pet, we will simply leave once the process is complete. We offer cremation services as well. You can get your pet’s ashes back in an urn, or you can choose cremation and NOT get your pet’s remains back. With either choice for cremation, we can bring your pet’s remains back with us to the hospital, where we’ll prepare them to be picked up by our cremation service.

Contact us at (330) 948-2002 for details and to discuss how we can help you make this difficult transition easier for your pet and for you. We also have staff trained in grief counseling for adults and children.